Changing Your Investment Profile

You can change your investment profile through your Member Portal.

Before you change how your account is invested, please read the important information below.

You may:

Investment decisions you make may impact how much super you have for your retirement so you should consider 
the potential impact of investment returns before making a change. If you need help with this aspect, seek advice from a qualified financial adviser. Changing your investment profile during times of market volatility may result in negative returns.


Changes to your existing account balance

You can change how your existing account is invested by changing the percentage on each investment.

Your request will be processed using the latest available unit prices when your instructions are received, but the change may take a 1-2 business days to be reflected on your member online access.


Changes on how your future contributions is invested

Requests to change how new contributions (including transfers and rollovers) invested will apply from the next business day after we receive your request. Any contribution into your account after we receive your request will be invested according to your new investment choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I change my investments?

There is no limit on how many times you can request to change your investment

How much will it cost?

There are no fees to change your investment choice. However, there is a separate buy and sell unit price for each option. When money is invested in an option it will generally use the buy price. When money is withdrawn from an option it will generally use the sell price.

When will my request be processed?

When you request a change to the way your account balance is invested, your request is reviewed and applied within 1-2 business day from when your request is received.

Do I receive a confirmation that my request has been completed?

When you submit an investment change request, you will receive an email confirming that your request has been received.

You will be able to see your new investment choice in your online account 1-2 business day after your request has received.

Need Help?

If you’re having difficulty changing your investment online, call us on 1300 788 658 or by emailing

Once you’ve made a request to change your investment profile the request cannot be cancelled and will be processed in accordance with the time lines outlined above. If you change your mind you will need to submit another request.

You cannot make more than one change in any one day.