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Find & Combine Your Super Into Good Super.

We can help you find your super.  Fees only apply if you choose to rollover or contribute to Good Super.
Thousands of Australians have joined Good Super. It’s quick, paperless and simple.
Consolidating your superannuation may reduce fees, clarify insurance and simplify your financial affairs.

You may have super you don't know about


Many Australians have more than one superannuation account. Even if you currently only make contributions into one account, you may have money in other superannuation accounts — even some you don’t know about.

Good Super can find all of these accounts for you. If you ask us, we can even consolidate them into one Good Super account electronically.


It is quick and is all done online. No paper, no fuss.

Multiple accounts each incur their own fees, making it harder for you to understand your overall financial position. This is one of the many reasons people choose to rollover all their superannuation savings and consolidate everything into one account.


Consolidating your superannuation into one account with Good Super couldn’t be easier.

All you need is your Tax File Number and you can get started below.

It is quick and only takes a few clicks.


Find & Combine Your Super into Good Super.

* For Good Super to conduct a super search, you must be a member of Good Super. Our search results typically yield lost, unclaimed and active superannuation accounts. Initial and ongoing fees will apply if you roll over all or some of your existing superannuation into Good Super, either independently or after we find your super. You should note the insurance you have with your existing accounts and note that you may not be able to obtain the same entitlements (you may either gain or lose insurance coverage) from Good Super. Membership of Good Super is subject to the Product Disclosure Statement, the Reference Guide and the Membership Terms and Conditions.