Forms and Applications

Thanks for your interest in the Good Super product, please find the downloadable PDF versions of other useful forms below:

Good Super – Compliance Statement

Good Super – Financial Hardship Claim

Good Super – Providing ID Factsheet

Good Super – Benefit Request Form

Good Super – Forward To Your Employer (Employer Contribution Form)

Good Super – Direct Debit Form

Good Super – Choice of Super Fund

Good Super – Nomination of Beneficiaries

Good Super – Switching Form

Good Super – Death Benefit Form

Good Super – Change of Details Form

ATO Standard Choice Form

ATO Self Employed Contribution Form

If you’ve like more information about Good Super, please contact us on 1300 788 658 or email: .

About Good Super

Good Super seeks to grow your wealth and build a better Australia. Our approach is to invest with an eye to both long term financial again and long term positive impact. More than $2 trillion is held in Australian superannuation accounts. All that money gets invested in some way. That’s how super funds grow and provide for members’ comfort in retirement. Imagine what could be achieved if some of that money got behind socially positive corporations, organisations and projects that generate profit and make the world a better place. It’s a vision of a Good future.

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