Good Super. Better Future.

Good Super. Better Future.


Good Super’s approach is to invest your money with an eye to both long term financial gain and long term impact.

We believe in investing for your financial future with profitable, innovative solutions to challenges we all face.

Good investing is also about cutting costs. We can help you consolidate multiple superannuation accounts potentially saving fees and insurance premiums.

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We have a long-term view, not distracted by politics, the media or business cycles.

We believe good corporate behaviour can enhance your financial investments so we will work to encourage better corporate practices.

We are committed to tackling the important issues that governments and others have neglected for too long.

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Politics and protest aren’t the only ways to change the future. Good Super will bring together its members and use the power of your capital to seek change – all while keeping focus on your financial future.

Where do you think you can make more change? By encouraging government to spend tax-payers money better, or by choosing how your superannuation is invested?

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