Find & Combine Your Super Into Good Super.

  •  We can help you find your super. Fees only apply if you choose to rollover or contribute to Good Super.
  •  Thousands of Australians have joined Good Super. It’s quick, paperless and simple.
  •  Consolidating your superannuation may reduce fees, clarify insurance and simplify your financial affairs.
We search for all of your super
Find out how many account fees and insurance premiums you are paying.
Consolidate your super to simplify, & reduce fees.

Get your super under control with Good Super

We’ve made super simple for thousands of Australians

  Switching is easy

Lots of Australians don’t know where their superannuation is, or how many accounts they have. This may mean losing hundreds of dollars a year in unnecessary administration fees. We can consolidate all your super into Good Super for you online - no paperwork.

  We’re online

We’re designed to help you take control of your super, online. We’re sick of paperwork, and want to help you keep track of your super simply and quickly. Our Australian based customer service team is ready to chat to you online, by email or over the phone with no queues.

  Good Super. Better Future

Good Super seeks to grow your wealth while building a better Australia. Unlike other super funds we invest responsibly to help create an Australia worth retiring in.

Why choose Good Super?

Do Well and Do Good

We invest your super for long term financial gain while investing for an Australia worth retiring in.

Solid Returns+

Solid member returns are central to our philosophy. We're really proud of them. See our performance here.

Clear Fees

We believe in clear and simple fees to make it easier for you to understand your super. See our fees here.

Find & combine your super into Good Super

  • Quick & simple
  • Paperless
  • Find all of your super*
  • If you make a contribution to Good Super, or roll over funds, fees will apply as per the Product Disclosure Statement

* For Good Super to conduct a super search, you must be a member of Good Super. Our search results typically yield lost, unclaimed and active superannuation accounts. Initial and ongoing fees will apply if you roll over all or some of your existing superannuation into Good Super, either independently or after we find your super. You should note the insurance you have with your existing accounts and note that you may not be able to obtain the same entitlements (you may either gain or lose insurance coverage) from Good Super. Membership of Good Super is subject to the Product Disclosure Statement, the Reference Guide and the Membership Terms and Conditions.