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Like many people, we at Good Super despair at the short term nature of Australia’s political debate. We believe big issues of infrastructure financing, social cohesion and the long term future of this country are not being debated well in public.

Good Super will bring together leading experts and speakers for Good Super events to discuss and debate the issues that impact on Australia. We will then seek ways to make the changes to Australia that members’ want.

We believe that the superannuation industry needs to work closely with all three levels of government to create new and innovative ways for superannuation to both fund the infrastructure Australia needs and achieve a suitable financial return for the members’ funds. This way members’  funds can be used to help achieve the nation building objectives that we all desire.

We think that the superannuation industry, as custodians of members retirement funds, needs to impact on the future shape of Australia and the globe. The future shape of the country and globe will impact the quality of members’ retirement just as much a their financial position will.

Would you like to be part of that vision?

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